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Millions have heard the pre-fight instructions of Kenny Bayless:  "What I Say You Must Obey" but few know the personal significance behind these words.  While the word "obey" is all but lost from American language and culture, Kenny Bayless is a true believer in the protection and blessing of obedience.  He credits the success of his life to embracing the wisdom and direction of those who held his best interests at heart—parents, teachers, coaches and ultimately God.  He feels compelled to share this message.  Whether standing in front of two combatants in a ring, students in a public school, a parents group or men's conference, he garners attention to this important word. 

Without a doubt, Kenny Bayless loves his chosen profession and sport.  But there is more to the man best known for his role as 3rd man in the ring in over 100 title fights.   Through this website and blog, you are invited into his world for a chat about boxing, achieving goals, enjoying good health and living a life you can truly be proud of.  Oh yeah, and be ready to hear more about that word “obey!” 

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I was recently asked to be one of the speakers at the Officiating Summit in St. Louis Missouri, for the National Association of Sports Officials in St. Louis Missouri. They made a little promo piece of those of us who were on the "best of the best" panel. Very humbling to be included in such an elite group. Enjoy!

To all of my family, friends and boxing fans everywhere who have supported me, I want to thank you. Since the announcement of my assignment to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, I have received hundreds of well wishes via email, voice messages, texts, Facebook and I have been unable to respond personally to each of you. Thanks to all of you including my church family at Trinity Life Center, my Puerto Rico family and my Big Bear family (you all know who you are) for all the love, kind words and excitement you expressed for me. My wife and I are enjoying some much needed R&R in Puerto Rico as we speak. I'll keep you posted on any upcoming bouts and look forward to seeing you at the fights and elsewhere! God bless you.


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